Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter and our awesome country

Winter in North Danville, VT

My granddaughters, Jamie and Kelly, and grandhorses, Sky and Free

Yesterday Beth send me pictures of my girls -- the horses and the granddaughters from North Danville, VT. I dug out a quick winter sketch that I did when visiting one very cold winter a few years back (that morning, it hit -42).

Yesterday was such a special day for this country. I was moved to tears during the inauguration ceremonies. Myrna Wacknov has done a beautiful series of sketches in honor of the day. Do check them out by taking the link on the right of this blog. She also had a neat idea of how to obtain original photos of public figures so as not to violate anyone's copyright.

Through a comment on Myrna's blog, I found two blogs by Chris Beck. I love her work and you can view her blog here:

Chris also created a second blog to feature other artists.
I am familiar with many of the artists featured. Check out the paintings by Terri Hill whom I chatted with the other day at the Santa Clara Watercolor Society party. Being a cyclist, I am especially drawn to her bicycle pictures. You will enjoy her unique style.


Sheila said...

What a whimsical painting! Ideal for a card or placed somewhere that needs a bright and cheery highlight.

Thanks for the links. You have great taste in artists. I'm going to be following Chris' blog right along yours. HUGS!

Chris Beck said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the mention of my blogs. I found you through Myrna's blog comments (your mistake about me is a very common one - no hard feelings!!) but I also got a message from Sheila that she'd found me through your blog. Thanks so much. Maybe we'll run into each other someday, since we live in the same area.

Mary Paquet said...

To Chris: thanks so much for your kind forgiveness. When I realized my error, I sent Myrna a note not to publish, but I was too late. I hope our paths cross soon. I have seen your work over the past few years -- wonderful!

I'm happy that Sheila found you through my blog. I love following Sheila's blog and her transition from forensic to fine art.

To Sheila: You guessed it -- I used this little sketch for my Christmas card.