Saturday, September 27, 2014

Entry for the 49th Annual SCVWS Membership Show

"Hoping We Get Some Wind"
16" x 23" Watercolordd caption
Framed and ready to go

It seems I am never satisfied with my first pass on paintings I want to enter in shows. So I painted this one over. You can read about my inspiration in my earlier post.

You can see that I changed the lighting and the angle of the lighting which I felt made for a stronger design. Of course, I had to imagine it, so I hope I was fairly accurate.  I decided to use 300 lb. Arches Hot Press paper which gives quite a painterly look with it's resistant surface. I used a different approach, not doing an under painting as I did before. I changed the color on the fence and Martin's shirt. I also went for more modeling on the clothing. I had to capture the photo of the framed piece at an angle due to all kinds of reflections on the glass.

The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society's 49th Membership Show promises to be a good one with slightly over 100 entries. There are 400 people in the society and all are welcome to enter a piece of art. The show is not juried, but it is judged. This year, Robert Semans, a fine oil and pastel painter who happens to teach my Monday morning drawing class, will be the juror who selects the award winners.

Yesterday I spent a wonderful day at the beach with fellow SCVWS artists at the Santa Cruz Paintout. To be precise, we were painting that day in Capitola, a gem of a beach town. I will post once I have completed my 3 pieces, which are almost done.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Morning Drawing Class: A Modern Venus

"A Modern Venus"
14" x 16" Pastel
My friend Susan and I have been wanting some life drawing experience. Of course, drawing the human body is a traditional exercise for artists through the ages. Our  class location within an art store precludes having a nude model. We paid our instructor for some private lessons with a model at his studio. We discovered, of course, that we have much to learn. We arranged for monthly sessions with Bob and a wonderful model who does a lot of work for San Jose State University's highly respected art department..
Meanwhile, instructor Bob Semans purchased two small clay figures, one male and one female, from an art supply company. These he can bring to our class. A few weeks ago I attempted the male figure. My drawing was fine, but not so much the shading, and I took so much time drawing that I got about half the pastel work done.
This week, I did the female figure with much more success, according to Bob. I am still internalizing what happens to the body when weight shifts. Bob always says draw from the inside out. So find the midline and build from there. Note the position of features in relationship to others. For example, from my point of view, the inner tops of the legs were below her right side of the neck. Her right hip fell just inside the outer edge of her right arm. The outermost point of her left hip is below the outermost point of her shoulder. Her naval is more to the right of the vertical halfway point. Bob calls this the science, not the art, of drawing. He enjoys teaching it and it is the key to success.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Painting My Muse

"Hoping for Some Wind"
15" x 24" Watercolor
Bob is ever a source of inspiration. His playful approach to life is very endearing. Yearly we attend a friend's birthday celebration at the San Jose Giants minor league ball game in the VIP booth. Bob worked with Martin in his software days. A bear was their mascot and they purchased these pinwheel topped beanie caps because the pinwheel was supported by a bear. Over the years Martin had to replace the attachment and Bob had to buy a whole new hat, thus the difference in the pinwheel. Bob is the man on the right.They faithfully show up at the game wearing their beanies, and certainly stand out among the fans who mainly sport San Jose or San Francisco Giants hats. I shot a photo late day with the sun creating a backlit rim of light on their right sides. 

Friend Penny, a fellow artist, suggested the title of the painting.  I am still trying to decide if this will be the piece I enter in the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society's Annual Members Show. I have to make a decision by Friday.