Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting the word out on the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Exhibit

I just emailed my art distribution list to inform them of my latest show:

Two of my works will be on exhibit in "Fast, Fresh, and Friendly," sponsored by the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society and hosted by Hobee's Restaurant in North San Jose.
                                                        Fast Food Vietnam Style Final.jpg
                                                                                "Fast Food, Vietnam Style"
                                                                                   19" x 14" Watercolor
"Fast Food, Vietnam Style" was inspired by a recent visit to Vietnam. I love the conical hats and the market scenes with locals purchasing and selling produce, meats, fish, and merchandise. Bicycles and scooters are the primary transportation because taxes double the price of cars.  This piece depicts a scene in Hoi An.
                                                          Marinkas Figs.jpg
                                                                                  "Marinka's Figs"
                                                                                       9" x 13"

"Marinka's Figs" was completed last September on an art vacation to the island of Hvar in Croatia. We spent a day at the farmhouse atelier of artist Marinka in Dol. We had a beautiful time painting in her garden and feasting on two meals she prepared for us. Her fruit trees made great subjects.

Place:  Hobees Restaurant, 680 River Oaks Pkwy, San Jose,
Date and Time: 7 am until 2:30 pm daily from June 29 through August 2
Reception: Saturday July 19, 5 to 7 pm, sponsored by Hobee's. 
Please join me on July 19th at the reception and stop in to see the show if you are in the area.
 *You can also view or purchase artworks from Mary's studio by appointment

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Play It Again Sam

"Fast Food, Vietnam Style"
19" x 14" Watercolor

Before leaving town, I completed an entry for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Exhibit, "Fast, Fresh, and Friendly," the theme inspired by the Hobee's Restaurant motto. I was not satisfied with the piece, so I've done it over with a touch more color and some white of the paper.  I used the same combination of colors: Pthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, New Gamboge, and Scarlet Lake, selected for their transparency. You can compare this one with the original piece. I am happier with this redo.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Plein Air Painting in Vasona Park

"Summer Morn"
Vasona County Park
10" x 13" watercolor

Our Santa Clara Valley Water Color Society (SCVWS) Plein Air painters are a very active group. They paint all over the Bay area twice monthly on Thursday mornings and once a month on Saturday mornings in such interesting places. Some new leaders took over recently and are doing a fine job of carrying on the tradition upon which this 400 member society was founded and that our previous leaders did so well.

There is nothing better than painting outdoors in our lovely California sunshine with other artists. One woman asked me how she could join the group because there was such great energy. I told her to sign up at for a modest $30 a year.

 "Summer Morn" is a composite of the elements that say "Vasona." This county park is a little haven in the midst of Los Gatos, a vibrant and upscale community abutting San Jose. People from all walks of life use the park. School busloads of children, moms and/or dads with children, babies, and pets in tow, joggers, and bike riders were in abundance. We were at the boathouse and many children were taking sailing or paddle board lessons. I wanted a typical park view, so I edited out the dock and boats and mentally moved the rock. The rest of the elements are pretty true to the view.

We gathered sometime after 12:30 for our self-provided picnic lunches and sharing our work. Everyone did such nice pieces and the individual styles are so interesting to see. Check out the paintsites blog to see all the work:  when Brad posts them. An artist who teaches told me my pallette is the traditional WPA pallette of the 30s. Who knew I was such a throwback! I enjoyed meeting some newcomers to the group, including Rich who said this was his third outing and he is loving it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monday Morning Drawing Class: Winter Squash - oh wait, isn't it summer?

"Winter Squash Summer Style"
14" x 12" Pastel

Did this yesterday and there are things to fix. Bob pointed out the top plane should be higher key and warmer tones. Should model the light reflecting surfaces. However, he complimented us three oldies that we are getting better at this all the time.

Room With a View: Half Moon Bay and the Coast

"Beautiful Morning in Half Moon Bay"
7" x 5" watercolor sketch
Bob attended "Flutes by the Sea," a master workshop in Half Moon Bay offered by the San Francisco Flute Society. I went along for the fun. Today defied all the usual summer weather patterns and predictions and is sunny with limited patches of fog.

The first morning I painted "Half Moon Bay Morning" in the sketchbook from a second floor deck at our B&B. The sun was starting to lift the fog. The top of the building you see houses the Half Moon Bay Roasting Company and Cafe, a very popular establishment. I made use of their wifi and sipped delicious coffee a few times,  and we had lunch there one day.

"Ice Plant"
7" x 5" watercolor sketch
Later while Bob was practicing with the flute choir, I rode my folding bike along the coast. I stopped to sketch "Ice Plant." Our West Coast never fails to provide inspiration.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Room with a View: Vermont

"Millbrook Falls"
7" x 5" watercolor sketch

7" x 5" watercolor sketch

"Hazy Day"
7"x 5" watercolor sketch
Vermont scenes are in the sketchbook. We traveled there to attend granddaughter Kelly's graduation from high school and see friends and family.The first piece, "Millbrook Falls" was done from my son's yard high over Sleeper River in North Danville, VT. The other two sketches were an attempt to salvage a difficult situation -- Bob had to return home early due to back issues that had plagued him for months but got really severe. I stayed on for the graduation. I painted by Lake Champlain after dropping him at the airport in Burlington.

"Breakwater Chilling" was done at our favorite little place on the lake, the Breakwater Cafe. I had lunch and painted. "Hazy Day on Lake Champlain" was done along the city waterfront. Quite the memories here. My late husband Gary and I graduated from the University of Vermont. Walking the waterfront on the first warm day of spring was a tradition for us. In the 60s, the waterfront was derelict and the city's poor citizens lived in the tenements. Now the waterfront is refurbished and beautiful. I don't know where the people relocated who at one time had the prize view of the city.

Here are a few of my photos from this trip.

With my sons in Burlington.
My Great Grandpa Fremeau built the landmark clock at the head of church street.

Graduate Kelly retrieves Spirit who wandered into the neighbor's yard
during our barbecue while free ranging in the yard.