Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Room With a View: Half Moon Bay and the Coast

"Beautiful Morning in Half Moon Bay"
7" x 5" watercolor sketch
Bob attended "Flutes by the Sea," a master workshop in Half Moon Bay offered by the San Francisco Flute Society. I went along for the fun. Today defied all the usual summer weather patterns and predictions and is sunny with limited patches of fog.

The first morning I painted "Half Moon Bay Morning" in the sketchbook from a second floor deck at our B&B. The sun was starting to lift the fog. The top of the building you see houses the Half Moon Bay Roasting Company and Cafe, a very popular establishment. I made use of their wifi and sipped delicious coffee a few times,  and we had lunch there one day.

"Ice Plant"
7" x 5" watercolor sketch
Later while Bob was practicing with the flute choir, I rode my folding bike along the coast. I stopped to sketch "Ice Plant." Our West Coast never fails to provide inspiration.

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