Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Enough about Me" Pairs Well with Perfect Match

"Enough About Me"
16" x 12" Torn Paper Collage
One way to pair with "Perfect Match"

Reverse pairing
Between travels I managed to complete a collage for my wine series. This one features red wine and a variant on the blue poppies I saw at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. I reversed the background, but used similar colors and design elements so that it would pair well with "Perfect Match."
I find it easiest to put down a basic background first, then start with the large elements and work to small. Finally, I continue to work the table and the background until I achieved harmony and interest. I also have to work to vary the edges, a bit of a challenge for me, so everything is not hard edged. The yellow orange color was really necessary to add a lively touch, and I like using checks and polka dots to pull things together.
A change of scenery will take me to a dude ranch in Colorado for a Stephen Quiller plein air workshop featuring Fall in the San Juan Mountains. I expect to see colorful Aspens. I hope to have a few paintings to share when I return.