Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Collage with Perfect Match

"Perfect Match"
12" x 16" Recycled Paper Collage

In Santa Clara County, we are surrounded by many wineries, some well-known, and many small, high quality businesses, often family-run. I wanted to honor the many beautiful places that offer wine tasting. The design of this piece is from imagination. I took out two of Reidel glasses designed for some white wines and used them as my models. Then I had to think how the white wine would look against a deep blue background. It was fun to get the translucent look and the highlights.

I also called upon my recent visit to Buchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. I took photos of some gorgeous pale blue poppies. They were the inspiration for the flowers on the table. The blue and white definitely needed a pop of color, so I added some random shapes in orange-yellow.

I finished off the piece by adding interesting colors and textures. I find that I cannot finely plan the final piece. Each piece applied changes the relationships and influence the choice of anything that follows. That is part of the challenge and the satisfaction in doing these collages.