Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Rainy Day in Takayama"
12" x 15" Watercolor
Matted Original - $190

Back in November we visited a mountain town in rural Japan. Takayama is a beautiful place that we tourists have definitely discovered, as evidenced by the English "Sale" sign in the window of this shop. Many old traditional buildings remain and are now thriving businesses -- restaurants and retail abound. It rains a lot in the town and our two days spent there were no exception. We all donned our rainwear and took in the sights. I especially loved this little scene with the bike parked and seat kept dry with an umbrella. Another umbrella hung decoratively from the eaves.

The town is famous for its morning market, temples, an ancient Ginko tree, puppet shows, and the traditional buildings

Beautiful structures in Takayama

Takayama commercial area

The town was an interesting experience. We stayed in one of the best hotels, but it in no way resembled the magnificent hotels of Tokyo and Kyoto. However, they provided their own rift on the traditional yukata that we wore in other hotels. These were very comfortable pajamas, and I do not know the Japanese word for them.
Wearing my Takayama Pajamas

Friday, March 18, 2016

Open House: Successful Endings

Beautifully displayed in client's home, this piece is visible
from her beautiful new kitchen and dining area
"The City That Never Sleeps"
36" x 36"
Pair of Geisha's on display were destined for
a patron's  livingroom
"Work Kit"
24" x 24"
"Point of View"
24" x 24"
 The Art Show on Saturday was an Open House. Though many of my collectors were unable to attend due to a memorial service planned after I publicized my show, I had a steady stream of visitors. I sold two paintings, the wine series coasters, and cards. Ironically, one sold painting was requested a few hours later by a Reception attendee. I had to disappoint her. Here is a sample of the coasters that I ordered online based on my small purse collages.
Some sales happened after the show. I followed up with potential buyers who purchased my pair of Geishas and the Manhattan themed collage. As this was the first showing of my found paper collage on canvas artwork as a collection, selling large pieces was very satisfying.  Two days after my show, my home gallery remained on display. A salesman for a patio door company came to finalize my order, and he purchased a small painting.
I use the Paypal Here device to accept credit cards. I believe that people are more likely to purchase art when this form of payment is available to them. The app is a good record keeper as well.