Saturday, June 14, 2014

Room with a View: Vermont

"Millbrook Falls"
7" x 5" watercolor sketch

7" x 5" watercolor sketch

"Hazy Day"
7"x 5" watercolor sketch
Vermont scenes are in the sketchbook. We traveled there to attend granddaughter Kelly's graduation from high school and see friends and family.The first piece, "Millbrook Falls" was done from my son's yard high over Sleeper River in North Danville, VT. The other two sketches were an attempt to salvage a difficult situation -- Bob had to return home early due to back issues that had plagued him for months but got really severe. I stayed on for the graduation. I painted by Lake Champlain after dropping him at the airport in Burlington.

"Breakwater Chilling" was done at our favorite little place on the lake, the Breakwater Cafe. I had lunch and painted. "Hazy Day on Lake Champlain" was done along the city waterfront. Quite the memories here. My late husband Gary and I graduated from the University of Vermont. Walking the waterfront on the first warm day of spring was a tradition for us. In the 60s, the waterfront was derelict and the city's poor citizens lived in the tenements. Now the waterfront is refurbished and beautiful. I don't know where the people relocated who at one time had the prize view of the city.

Here are a few of my photos from this trip.

With my sons in Burlington.
My Great Grandpa Fremeau built the landmark clock at the head of church street.

Graduate Kelly retrieves Spirit who wandered into the neighbor's yard
during our barbecue while free ranging in the yard.


CrimsonLeaves said...

You got some great sketches while visiting your old stomping grounds, Mary. Your boys look like you, especially your son standing on your right side. Always wanted to visit Vermont.

Mary Paquet said...

Sherri, thanks for being so faithful about checking out my postings. I've been traveling so much I am a sporadic poster and follower.

People often mention the strong resemblance my sons have to me.