Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The art of cycling

After a long day of working on things like Open Studios registration for my group, I really wanted to do some art. I finished the painting I will take to the art exchange at the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society New Year’s Party on Saturday. After dinner, Bob and I had a really relaxing time sitting by the fire sipping camomile tea. Bob read a book and I sketched some eyes from Vanderpoel’s book on the human figure. I learned a lot about the bone and muscle structure that explains why the eye has its unique shape. I should be able to apply this when drawing the eye in different perspectives. There are more pages on the eye, so I will work through the entire section before moving on to the nose.

The painting shown is an example of the intersection of two of my passions: art and cycling. I took an Arne Westerman workshop a few years ago, and he emphasized doing 8 x 10 sketches to work out design, color, and value (it always pays to plan, doesn’t it!). I was intrigued by this picture of Bob, so I did the design sketch in the workshop, and Arne gave it a positive review. Some weeks later I painted "Repairing a Flat" of Bob as he was teaching a class about tire changing and repairing flats for the Almaden Cycle Touring Club Academy. Bob likes the picture so well that he has framed a print and hung it in his repair shop in the garage. Bob, a retired software engineer, works part-time at a job he loves, repairing and selling bicycles and related equipment for a local bike shop. He also maintains his personal, well-stocked repair shop at our home. I have not yet framed this painting, but I will soon, and plan to hang it on one of our walls.


Sheila said...

Hello.... I just dropped by after reading your comment on Annelien's blog. I also started a blog just about a week and a half ago. I love your paintings and might have to drop by one of your group shows because you just "down the street"!

Mary Paquet said...

Sheila, thanks so much for commenting. I've added a comment to your blog. Please do come to the group show and do be in touch. Great painting of agave on your blog!

Nancy said...

Hi Mary!
I, too, just found your blog after reading your comment on Annelien's blog. I love your style! I'll be checking your blog a lot!