Saturday, January 3, 2009

My first post

2009 is off to a great start and I wrote down my artistic goals for the year: create an art blog, complete two finished paintings per month, draw daily, experiment with one new technique or material every two months, and enter one art show in 2009. You can see that I've met my first goal!

The paintings I’ve posted are two recently completed pieces. Bob and I took an epic journey this summer from San Jose, CA, to Portland, ME, on a tandem bicycle. After the trip we spent time with family in my native Vermont where the Paquet Farm Stand was in full swing. One of their most popular items is the pumpkins and I liked the way they were displayed in front of the old barn silo. I gave “Paquet Farm Stand Pumpkins” to my mother-in-law, Priscilla, for Christmas.

The second piece is more experimental in nature. The colorful gourds grown at the farm are also very popular. The old blue wooden box caught my attention with the shapes and colors. I first painted the picture in portrait format and was not happy with the piece. My artist friends suggested turning it on its side into landscape mode. Voila! I liked the composition better, so I worked on the values and shapes to complete “Paquet Farm Gourds.”

Fulfilling my goals will be a challenge as I love to travel for pleasure and to train cycling instructors. I have a lot of travel planned this first full year of retirement, which will undoubtedly provide more inspiration. I hope you will enjoy following my Art Adventures.

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