Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun in the Dordogne

The Egg Lady

In the summer of 2007, I went to France on an art vacation led by Mike Bailey. I will miss his trip to Tuscany this year. We went out everyday to towns in the Dordogne region to paint and view the sights. I asked an old woman who was selling eggs and chickens on market day if I could take her picture and she kindly consented. While doing some of Myrna Wacknov's challenges, I resurrected the photo and did a number of paintings. This is one of the more successful paintings, which I did on Yupo, a synthetic support that resists the watercolor, thus making for a very painterly finish.

I had a busy morning, attending the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Board meeting. I've signed on as a coordinator (one of several) for the successful series of workshops taught by well-known artists. I will be coordinating a few of the workshops later this year. When I got home, I did a bit of sketching using Pose Maniacs. I also have a half-sheet watercolor underway which is almost finished. If I get it done this week, I will post it here. If I don't, there will be a long wait while I head out for some weeks of travel.


Sheila said...

I learn so much from my Blog Pals. I'll have to experience with that material that sounds like that import car Yugo. Congrats on becoming coordinator too!

Mike said...

I am disappointed that you aren't coordinating one of my workshops!!

Just thot I'd stop in and say HI!!


Mary Paquet said...

Mike, I promise I will sign up to coordinate on of your workshops! I would be honored.

Just returned from a long jaunt to South America and was delighted to find your comment.