Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thinking of spring flowers

"Holly's Iris"

This morning with the rains, I was thinking ahead to spring and my Irises blooming. I got the original bulbs from my friend, Holly, who bought them from the Iris Lady, formerly in Willow Glen. When I redid my personal bathroom, Holly's Iris was a perfect piece to frame. I seem to be drawn to shapes, and I especially like the framing of the shapes in this picture.

I am going with a friend today to the Palo Alto Art League to view the art and enjoy lunch. This evening I host my art group for our weekly painting session. We've been painting on Thursday evenings for a number of years now, but recently lost our free space in a Community Center. My kitchen is the substitute as my studio is too small for the 7 of us.


Nancy said...

Beautiful painting, Mary! I love to get together with friends to paint, also! My two classes each week take care of that.

Sheila said...

Boy, you're gallery runs hot and cold... [ crickets chirping in otherwise dead silence] uh... winter scene, spring flowers blooming in.. oh never mind.... I love irises. Grand job.