Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun with public art

"Public art and friend"
Morgan Hill Library

I just returned from church services in Morgan Hill, about 10 miles south of where I live. We are next door to the open spaces here, so it's a nice drive. I'm featuring a piece I painted a couple months ago after a tandem bicycle ride one Saturday to the very lovely new library in Morgan Hill. The library grounds feature several pieces of public art done in bronze. When we drove up on the bike, the bronze mother reading a book to her son was enjoying the company of a gentleman on his red cell phone. The scene tickled my fancy and I took a picture from the back as we parked the tandem. Because the person remains anonymous, I was comfortable including the man in a painting. I am hoping that derivitive works that include the public art are not a copyright infringement.

There are some other wonderful bronze pieces around Morgan Hill, which is quite a charming small town. I've taken some photographs of one at the train station that features the Morgan Hill family (father, wife, and small child) with their luggage circa 1900. There are small children climbing on the statues, something that small children can't seem to resist as I've seen the same scene many times.


Sheila said...

Love this. I think Public Art is just that....public. You did a DSFDF challenge with a piece of public art didn't you? I wouldn't worry. Just bask in the glory of this wonderful gem of a painting. Please do more of this type. I can truly tell you enjoy this very much. (hugs)

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, Sheila. I had fun with this one. I have not yet done DSFDF, but one of these days ...

I think that public art is, well, public.

Nancy said...

This is very cool, Mary!