Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Memories of painting in Mexico

Today was spent doing lots of art related tasks, but no art yet. I wanted to post something before I go off to do art and get busy with the rest of my todo list today. I will share one of the paintings I did on a trip to Mexico.
I was taking a watercolor workshop with Mel Stabin. That day he focused on painting people in their natural settings. Then he set us free to paint and return for critique. Rather than hang around the tourist area of San Miquel de Allende, I went off with one other person to a small plaza frequented by the local people. where a man was shining shoes under a tree. Many of the local people stopped to admire my work and I talked with them the best I could with my limited Spanish. Whenever I look at "Shoeshine on the Plaza," I remember the bright sun, the colors, the friendly people, and the sense of peace I felt that day. Mel found us after a time and immediately set up his easel and captured some gentleman sitting on a bench. I have since seen that picture in one of his books.

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