Monday, January 12, 2009

Drawing from a live model at art class

This morning I went to my weekly drawing class with Bob Semans. I love this class. The temperature went up into the 70s so I traveled the 32 miles on bicycle and light rail. After class, one of my friends and the instructor went to lunch. We folded my Bike Friday into Susan’s trunk and then I rode from the restaurant to light rail when we were done. We sat outside on the patio taking in the fresh air and warmth. Really nice, but we are worried about our water supply for the summer.

Here is my second rendition of Sonia, our model for January, who was more serious today. I used black and white charcoal on colored paper. Bob wants us to change where we sit to get different perspectives. Today I was head-on. While traveling on light rail, I sketched more eyes from Vanderpoel. I am beginning to see the subtle differences so important to accurately representing the eye when the eyeball and head are in different positions.


Sheila said...

You know, I just read that you rode 3200 miles on your bike. You're an animal! You take care of your body and soul with your bike an art. Sounds like a cool class. I think you should do more charcoal work.

Mary Paquet said...

Hi, Sheila. I love riding my bike and I've always done lots of exercise. I will be posting soon a charcoal I did in Life Drawing at the Los Gatos Museum of Art yesterday afternoon. I love doing art in charcoal and want to get better at it.