Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Beauties

"Millbrook Farm Lilies"
North Danville, Vermont

The last several days have been filled with work on an upcoming workshop I am coordinating for the watercolor society. You will hear more about that as I learn to collage and texture surfaces and rise to new heights of creativity. I've also done some bicycle education, and I helped hang the latest SCVWS art show in Palo Alto today. More on that with my next post.

All that to say that finally I can write more about my Vermont stay and show you a piece of art done at my son's home. Most of my Vermont time was dedicated to a lovely town celebration of the Paquet family farm centennial. Over a 100 relatives were there for 3 full days of festivities. The farm hosted the fireworks, three music groups, and a barbecue for well over a thousand people last Friday. The upper barn was filled with memorabilia and the Jim Douglas, governor of Vermont, visited this special museum and bit of Vermont history. Family members directed the parking of 6 acres of cars and the state police turned the road into one-way traffic. Alphonse and Emeda Paquet, the farm founders, would surely have been pleased. You can read about the history and planned celebration.

On Monday I had time to sit in the afternoon sunshine and paint in the gardens of Millbrook Farm, my son Jeff's home. The Tiger Lilies are prolific and lovely in orange and yellow. I used some of the negative painting techniques I practiced in Annelein Beukekamp's workshop in June. The picture says "contented" to me. I had Bob cut a soft mint green mat for the piece and plan to hang it in my home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! It's fun seeing that you're back and posting. You certainly have a wonderful, adventurous spirit!

I like these lilies. To me, they dance a little across the paper. It sounds like quite the time in Vermont.

Mary Paquet said...

Peggy, thanks so much for checking in. I love adventures. Vermont was very special.