Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gerald Brommer Workshop

"Carmel in Glowing Color"
by Gerald Brommer

Today Gerri Brommer will demo for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society at 1:30 at the Historic Hoover Theater on Park St. in San Jose (across from the Rosicrucian Museum). The demo is open to everyone and it is free of charge, so come if you can. I joined the workshop committee early this year and this is the first workshop that I am coordinating. Gerri is presenting "From Line and Shape to Complex Surfaces," with an emphasis on creative expression and originality. The title of this post is an active link to additional samples of Gerald's work.

Yesterday I met Gerri and Georgia, his wife, at the San Jose Airport, took them to lunch, and got them checked into their hotel. Coincidentally, Bob and I were hosting his Southbay Recorder Society at our home for a summer play-in, so we invited the Brommer's to join us. They graciously accepted and really got into the spirit of joyful, mostly medieval music, played by a group of artists who had not tried these pieces before. As Gerri pointed out, they were experimenting with their art form. After a delicious potluck provided by the participants, I returned them to their hotel. Gerri and Georgia are a lovely couple and we so enjoyed their company.

I am hoping to come away from the workshop with a whole new way of approaching my art.

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