Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home gallery and "Anything Goes" Art Reception

A watercolor, a pastel, and a charcoal and conte

Recent florals in watercolor

My primary gallery is my home. These paintings are hanging in the livingroom (hence the top of a harp is evident in one picture). Bob had cut mats for me recently and I was inspired by helping to hang the "Anything Goes" show in Palo Alto. I learned that unlike mediums can be hung harmoniously. So I framed some recent works and rearranged some art this morning.

The top photo includes on the left "Public Art Speaks," a watercolor, with "Pitcher and Peppers," a pastel below it. To the right is "Ancient Vase," a charcoal and conte. My drawing instructor, Robert Semans, will be happy to see these pieces framed. The bottom photo shows "Glamorous Peonies," watercolor on the left, and "Millbrook Farm Lilies," watercolor on the right. I am quite happy with the overall results.

Now that I am retired from the Corporate world and have expanded my art career, I am doing shows. "Anything Goes" by the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society, is my first entry in a society show. I sent out e-mail alerts to friends and collectors about the reception on Friday evening. A number of them attended, including some former co-workers that I miss very much.

The venue, the Elizabeth Norton Gallery in the Pacific Art League building in downtown Palo Alto, is really lovely. The gallery is on the second floor of a wonderful old Spanish building. Doors lead outside to a rooftop patio. Janice Faulstich personally cooked almost every item served at the reception, which included some lovely wines. What a treat. The evening was sunny and a perfect temperature. We had very large crowds, many from the Friday Night Artwalk held monthly in Palo Alto. I am aware that at least one large painting sold in the first ten minutes of the show, along with an unframed piece by the same artist, a very promising start.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, It's fun to see your work in frames. Congratulations on jumping right on in and showing your work! I think it helps and is all part of the process!

Barbra joan said...

oh Mary I wish I were going to the art show with you. Your paintings are beautiful.

Mary Paquet said...

Peggy, thaks for the encouragement. I believe it's important to step up to the plate.

Barbra Joan, wish you could see the show. There are some wonderful pieces thee.