Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plein Air at Vasona Lake Park

"Vasona Lake Park"
Eucalyptus Tree at Vasona Lake Park

Plein air was delightful this morning, sitting on a bench looking at the bridge backed by the Santa Cruz Mountains and the colorful bark of the eucalyptus tree beside us. The sun was shining , a typical summer day here. I enjoy plein air because I am not out creating my next masterpiece, just sketching and having fun. I also love being outdoors. I take a simple setup -- one bag with small pallette, a few brushes, some pens, sketch pad, a collapsible water bucket and sport drink bottle of water, a couple different sized watercolor pads. I also take a collapsible canvas three-legged stool.

The first piece I did ala Gerald Brommer, divorcing line and shape. I laid in some green and raw sienna in a cruciform shape, then I sketched the scene. I left well enough alone. The second piece is more colorful than it appears. The bark had fallen off the trunk, and exposed beutiful oranges, shades of greys and browns, even some greens and purple.

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