Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gerry Brommer Workshop Day 2

"Carmel Cypresses"
Ink with collage
"Cinque Terre Flowers"
Ink with collage

Today Gerry had us use collage shapes with ink lines, maintaining the separation of line and shape. I decided to basically use the same images as yesterday and see what collage does for them. I decided to get a critique on "Carmel Cypresses." He said he liked the piece better than yesterday's. He suggested bringing a stem in the foreground off the bottom of the page and to darken some of the major lines on the rocks. There needs to be variety, but we also need to call attention to major elements of the design.

The blue stained papers were rather dark so Gerry suggested I collage some plain white tissue over them. Voila, lighter stains and more interesting texture. I think I will try some of my acrylics tomorrow as the watercolor does not like to adhere to the matte medium we used for collage. Critique was very educational. I stained some more rice paper today and we will be using brown paper bags in the mix tomorrow.


Claire M said...

So fun to see your pictures from your class and to hear about your experience.

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, Claire. I am just now coming up for air and have time to post and visit other blogs.