Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sailing Chilean Fjords

" Chilean Fjords 1"
Chilean Fjords 2

"Bob as the ship approaches a glacier"
These two watercolor sketches are the result of spending many hours sailing through the Chilean Fjords. Our captain told us to be up before 6 as we would be pausing near a glacier. Dutifully we ordered some , fruit, and rolls from room service and took our places in the increasingly colder and wetter air on our balcony. We knew we were getting close when we began seeing the ice floating by as you can see in the picture of Bob.

I grabbed my paints and sat on the balcony trying to capture the terrain. The atmosphere literally became a part of the picture. The moisture left the dots and the paint moved around a lot. The second picture shows the high snow-capped mountains along the coast of Chile. I don't often do pure landscape without a sign of man's existence. However, we passed hundreds of miles of gorgeous landscape with nary a sign of human life on shore. Of course, that is what makes this terrain so very special.

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Mike said...

Atta Girl!! Sieze the opportunity! It looks like you guys had a blast on this trip!