Sunday, March 15, 2009

Argentinian tango dancers

" Argentinian Tango Dancers"

We returned last night from a conference in Washington, DC. Yesterday morning before leaving I had a bit of time to complete this painting. Bob and I take ballroom dance classes, and I love art that features dancers. While we were on the cruise in South America, we danced every night, but we could only watch at the Milonga (the Spanish word for a venue for Argentinian tango) as South Americans did beautiful renditions of this dance. We only know Ballroom Tango, which is really quite different. We saw a wonderful tango show on the ship, and the following day, the performers taught a tango lesson. We ended up taking two private tango lessons from the performer's brother, Leandro, and his wife, Sol, in Buenos Aires, and they were excellent teachers. Now we are signed up with an instructor at our dance studio for Argentinian tango. George used to teach tango in Buenos Aires.

I mentioned two artists in my previous post and added a link to Jean Pederson's blog. The link had a problem, but is working now if you would like to check out her blog and her website. She is a wonderful artist.


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary! Wonderful gesture and shapes in your tango figures! Interesting, muted and moody ground. Isn't the tango a dance with lots of attitude and mood?

Mary Paquet said...

Peggy, thanks for checking in. The tango, especially the Argentinian tango, is filled with attitude and mood. That's what I especially love about the Argentinian tango. As Mike Bailey drilled into us in his fabulous workshops, "What mood do I want?"