Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A beautiful life

" It's a Beautiful Life"

This picture, done this morning, is in memory of Kathy, mother of Bob's daughter Jamie, who passed away after a tremendous two and a half year fight against cancer. We were very saddened by the news, but grateful that she is no longer in pain. Jamie and her fiance, Dave, will be married on April 18, and we know that Kathy will be watching over them and all of us attending the wedding.

Bob, a musician, spent some time before church services Sunday, playing flute music that Kathy loved and has exchanged e-mails with mutual friends around the country. I express myself in art. This picture depicts Kathy's beauty, zest for life, and spunk in hard times. I admire Kathy very much. She loved life, and in adversity, she was strong, optimistic, and helpful to others, including a friend of mine undergoing the same treatment. I wanted to depict that beauty, passion, and strength. Influenced by Annalein Beukekamp's layered transparent paintings, I incorporated a camelia, a lavender vine, a lemon, and an orange from our garden, and a colorful napkin, wine bottle, vase, and plate from our home.

Tomorrow we gather with Kathy's family and friends to celebrate her life. She lived it well.


Sheila said...

What a beautiful tribute to a person who was loved by many.

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, Sheila, for your kind comment.