Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Almost spring flowers

"March Camillia"
"Proud Cyclamen"

Tis looking a lot like spring here and the garden beckons. The camillias are almost done, so I captured the last one on paper. The cyclamen always amaze me. In the winter, the colder it is the better they seem to do. They continue to look perky, so I took a couple photos from above. I had fun using lots of different colors, loose and wet, and letting them mingle on the paper, then I added some negative painting to push and pull the shapes. They were a pleasure to do because I planned the shapes and light patterns, but then I kept responding to the painting as it developed to bring out the value pattern.


Sheila said...

Wow! I love cyclamen! you captured them perfectly.

My bad, the links up on my blog now for Art for the Animals.

simoart said...

Beatiful piece. Love the details on your painting. Keep up the good work.

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks to both of you. I had fun with these. I want to do a larger cyclamen picture -- think that's what I will work on tonight at my South Side Art Club.