Friday, April 3, 2009

Rooster on a Mission

" Rooster on a Mission"
11" x 14"
You can take the title of this piece literally. A few days ago when I painted in San Juan Bautista, the feral chickens and roosters were busy running the streets of this tiny town. This rooster was hanging out at the Mission. He kept me company for a while as I sat painting, so I grabbed a fresh sheet of paper and quickly painted him without first drawing as I was afraid my subject would fly the coop. He had the most lucious colors in his feathers. This one was just plain fun. After a time, he drifted off and I packed up my painting supplies for the day.

Awhile back I added "Leo and His Ladies" to this blog. He is the family rooster, belonging to my son's family. Jeff told me that never in Leo's wildest dreams did he imagine he would be that famous. I told him that Leo would be surprised when people started "flocking" to his coop. I am hoping that Leo isn't jealous with he sees the Mission Rooster. Yes, we do have some fun with the art.



nice work done Mary.Your work is very spontanious.The vibrant colors make your work mor beautiful..

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks so much, Anurag. I love to dive into things, including my art.