Monday, April 20, 2009

A Fabulous Wedding and Art Inspiration

"Father-Daughter Dance"

"Attendant's Bouquet"

"Bride's Bouquet"

"Treasured Doll"

Recent posts mentioned that we were excited about the marriage of Bob's oldest daughter, Jamie, to Dave on April 18. As time got closer, I needed to spend time on the house, yard, and entertainment planning, so I've been quiet in the blogging community for the past week. The wedding was perfect, with lovely weather both the day of the rehearsal and wedding day. Brunch day with 80 friends and relatives at our home was also beautiful, though by 2:30 it was over 90 degrees in our back yard. We resorted to a bit of air conditioning about 3.

The first picture shows Dad and Jamie doing their father-daughter dance, compliments of Jamie's friend, Ally. They planned to cha cha to Tommy Dorsey's "Tea for Two" but the DJ threw them a curve ball and played a different, much faster rendition. The two adapted beautifully and apparently impressed the crowd. Daughter Deborah said they would be talking about that dance with the grandchildren!

We had the pleasure of having possession of the bridal and attendant bouquet's after the wedding and using them to carry through the wedding colors into the brunch. I am so taken with the modern style of the flowers, so different than the cascading bouquets in my wedding decade. I took some pictures and hope to paint them one of these days. Jamie's Lilies were just fabulous and will be so much fun to paint.

Today I returned to art after delivering the rented chairs we used to augment seating at the brunch back to the rental place. In my drawing class this morning, we continued drawing the doll and applying pastels. Instructor Bob asked us to start over after demoing an approach. I don't think I will have the patience to master pastels, though I am enjoying doing the class work. I've put a lot of hours (though far short of the 10,000 hours to achieve mastery) into watermedia and that is my first love. To my son, Jeff who finds dolls freakie, hang in there. Next week we revert back to simple still lifes.

I will be spending my next few weeks preparing for Silicon Valley Open Studios. I'll keep you posted on progress on the blog.


Sheila said...

Wedding almost make me cry. What do you mean, 'don't think you will ever' master pastels, I thought you were very comfortable based on the awesome doll painting!

Mary Paquet said...

Sheila,you are so supportive! The wedding was so lovely and Jamie did an awesome job finishing the prep work she and her mom had started before her mom passed away late February. Her mom, Kathy, was definitely with us in spirit.

Thanks for the kudos on the doll painting. I will be doing more pastels in Bob's class. I don't think he ever intended to teach pastels. His focus is on drawing, so we may shift away from them at some point. Maybe I will buy a few more colors. I own just six sticks and had to use a few of Bob's.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Mary
Sounds like the event was memorable.
I can see you were inspired by the occasion.
A lovely tender image of the doll too.
Wishing you good things.

Mary Paquet said...

Trevor, thanks for checking in. The event was wonderful and a source of yet more inspiration.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Oh Mary! The Father-Daughter dance shot is really wonderful! I really like church wedding. We, in India, have very fat wedding..:) I will post few of the photographs. I hope you like it. The painting is treasure doll is really treasureable.:)

Mary Paquet said...

Megha, I love keeping in touch with what you are photographing and painting, so I look forward to the India wedding photos.

Thanks for your sweet comments about dad and daughter and my doll pastel. Bob had such good time dancing with everyone at the wedding. The ballroom dance lessons are paying off.