Saturday, April 28, 2018

Pastels from Monday Morning Drawing Cl

"Pitcher and Floribunda Roses"
12" x 16" Pastel
Since 2007,  every Monday when I am not traveling, I attend a three hour drawing class by Robert Semans, a master artist for the past 40 years. This particular piece was a setup I brought to class, using a pitcher I bought in England and Floribunda Roses blooming in my back yard. Bob says we paint the light, and I believe I managed that with the dark shadows, reflected light, and highlights.

"Tis Fall"
12" by 16" Pastel

In the fall, some of our favorite still life subjects include the pumpkins, gourds, and corn available at our farm stands. The pumpkin on the left was very interesting with its imperfections. I like that I introduce a touch of green into the dark drape.

"Cabbage, Anyone?
12" x 16" Pastel

When Bob wants us to really focus on creating three-dimensional objects, he will have us do just one. Cabbages and onions are particularly popular with their layers, odd shapes, and the subtle way they pick up the light and shadow.

"In the Kitchen"
12" x 16" Pastel

Friend Susan brought this setup from her kitchen. We enjoy doing glass and it is always a challenge. Here we had transparent, opaque, and a jelly jar with contents. The orange of the Mandarins nicely balance the neutral shades and the colors in the jelly jar. As Bob will tell us, light is everything. Note the various highlights that help suggest the shape of the objects.

Now, sadly, we are losing our class venue. University Arts  store is closing it's San Jose store in early May after 70 years in business. The company owns the building and can make more from leasing the space to the motorcycle dealers that rent a portion of the building, than from selling art. As they explained, even the vendors are now competing with them online. Privately we heard that Corporate dismissed the idea of selling online early in the internet revolution. a bad decision.  Thus, the employees who don't want to move to a store an hour away are without jobs. This leaves us with just two Aaron Brothers Art stores as the only brick and dedicated motor art stores  in Santa Clara Valley, home to abut 2 million people. University Arts was superior to anything that remains. Our instructor is looking for a new venue for our group. We old faithfuls are so bonded with each other and want to continue improving our drawing skills. No other class has helped me as much with my art in all mediums.


Candy said...

Mary, these all turned out great. I especially like the pitcher of roses. That makes me so sad about your art supply store. You have a nice group of friends to draw with and such a good instructor I hope you guys can find another spot to get together. Good luck in the search!

Barbra Joan said...

Mary, you never disappoint with your pastels... I've always felt it was your best medium. Just beautiful!!