Saturday, May 26, 2018

Travel Sketch in Australia

"Entrance to Sydney Harbor"
9" x 5" watercolor sketch
We left for Australia January 21 and returned home on February 18. We mixed it up, spending 8 nights in a studio apartment with gorgeous Opera House and harbor views, taking the Indian Pacific Railway for four days, three nights across the continent to Perth for a few days; then boarded a Crystal Cruise back to Sydney by way of the West and Southern Coasts, Melbourne and Tasmania.

I used to be much more motivated to do travel sketches and I don't know why I was not on this trip. Maybe because we are traveling so much. On our first full day in Sydney, we took a bus tour around the city to get the lay of the land. We stopped at the entrance to the very impressive harbor. A few days later we took a ferry to Manley past this spot. I usually take photos and do the sketch later in my room. I did just one other sketch on this trip.  As we left Tasmania, I captured a photo of impressive storm clouds against the rugged coast from our dining table.

W are traveling again, so I will post this piece that I drafted sometime ago. I promise more to come.

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