Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Room with a View: Up the Hill in Quebec City

"Up the Hill in Quebec City"
At Hotel de Coutellier in Vieux Port
5" x 7" Ink and Watercolor

Arrived here after attending a family wedding in Vermont. We are in a very charming hotel in the old port, just below the only walled city north of Mexico. The weather is a challenge for us Californians - windy, overcast, showers, and wind chill factor at the freezing point. I layered on everything I brought, including my hot pink bicycling wind vest. Today we are promised higher temperatures and hope to ride along the St. Lawrence River on our folding bikes. We enjoyed delicious Quebecois cuisine at Aux Ancient Canadians last night. The previous evening we had wonderful mussels at a Belgian Restaurant attached to our hotel. Lots of walking, sightseeing, and a two-hour bus tour to familiarize ourselves with the sights.

I used a permanent marker and my Koi field set of watercolors with water brush to depict this scene from our room. I love this old French city, with a very European flavor. I've stayed here twice before, and this is Bob's first visit. We are some 200+ miles north of my son Jeff's home in Vermont.

4 comments: said...

Hi Mary, I thoroughly enjoy looking at your travel paintings. By the end of your article, I was ready to head off to Quebec for a visit. Come to think of it, my Grandmother's family had links to Quebec a few generations back. Wonderful post!

CrimsonLeaves said...

A beautiful view, Mary, and it sounds like a fabulous place to visit!

Mary Paquet said...

I had a very strange thing happen when I moderated the comments. Hallie commented, "This is a stunning painting, Mary."

My dashboard says it is published but it is not showing here. I have no options to use to push it onto this page. Oh well.thanks so much, Hallie.

Peggy, wish you were here, and didn,t we decide we might be related through the Quebec connection?

Sherri, it is a fabulous place to visit. Hope you get here sometime.

janice said...

Glad you're having fun and getting in a little painting time. I love Quebec-it has the charm of Europe with the convenience of America!