Monday, May 7, 2012

For the Love of the Dance

"Love of the Dance"
Ink on church bulletin

Saturday we did a Showcase dance competition sponsored by our dance studio and received three first place blue ribbons in our three dances -- fox trot, rumba, and Argentine tango. Pretty much this only means the judges rated us competent in the Preliminary Bronze level, because we had no immediate competition in our age group. If we did not meet standards, we could have received either second or third place ribbons. We ffind competing makes us polish up our technique.

Here is the outfit I wore for Rumba; the Latin dances call for a little pizzazz. (Note the faux animal print and jewels, not my everyday choice!)

There was no contest for who attracted the most attention at the evening affair after the competition. Bob changed from his dance outfits into his Anderson Clan formal wear, complete with a bamboo fife walking stick, which actually sounds terrific when played.

Sunday at church, I kept thinking about the competition and did a tiny sketch on the bulletin. I hope pastor didn't notice I was drawing during her sermon.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Congratulations on your first place ribbons, Mary. Bob looks quite smashing in his kilt!

Mary Paquet said...

The women all wanted their picture taken with him!

hw (hallie) farber said...

What a great sketch. You and Bob look terrific all dressed up for the competition--quite a change from your bike trip photos.

PAMO ART said...

You guys are amazing!!! You are beautiful Mary! Bob looks wonderful as well.