Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Room with a View: Up the Other Hill in Quebec City

"Up the other Hill in Quebec City"
From Hotel des Coutellier 
7" x 5" Ink and watercolor in the sketch book

Here is my second view from our room. Lovely rich colors and shapes reminiscent of France are elements of Quebec City. This hill also leads to the walled city.  Yesterday we visited the Musee de la Cilvilisation to learn about the tumultuous history of a French region under British control. Excellent exhibits took us through time to understand immigration, native peoples, conquest, and dedication to heritage. We followed that with our mandatory boat ride on the St. Lawrence. Then we rode our folding bikes along the river. 

While dining on lobster pizza (yummy), loud jets roared overhead. Lucky for us, the Snowbirds (the equivalent of the US Blue Angels aerobatic team) were putting on a show over the river. We rushed to the waterfront to watch the team perform amazing formations and maneuvers. I saw the Snowbirds do a show over Lake Ontario  in 1996 while driving across Canada to Vermont with my late husband Gary. I never expected to see them a second time.

The day was hot, but today we are back to low 60s and overcast with some rain possible. My series of sketches will continue with views on the Ile des Orleans, a rural island very near this city.


CrimsonLeaves said...

It sounds like you are having an awesome time, Mary. I love this sketch; it is that tree that keeps me looking. The colors are stunning!

hw (hallie) farber said...

I hope I'm not repeating myself; I thought I left a comment last night. These last two views of Quebec are wonderful. I've never visited but a good friend grew up in Frence Quebec; she had great stories of winters (now she lives in Spain).

Traveling during remodeling is a great idea. When we rebuilt I rented an apartment for nine months (sparsely-furnished) but I had canvases and acrylic paint--loved it.