Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life Drawing for Doctors without Borders Haitian Relief

"Jane in Ruffles"
2 minute sketch

"Jane in a Red Dress"
10 minute sketch

"Jane in Sparkles"
5 minute sketch

Framed Granada Theater art

Jane Ferguson and a young friend volunteered modeling services to benefit Doctor's without Borders Haitian Relief. The event was held 2 nights at the Sunnyvale Art Gallery where the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society is featuring "Fresh Start," our spring show. I was unable to attend the first night. The session was overflowing with people from the society and the art community. I was glad I got there early.

Jane is a fabulous model. She calls herself the original second hand rose and gets lot of interesting clothing at thrift shops. The two models changed several times, a lot of work for them and a joy for us. They wore funky hats, boas, gloves, and vintage dresses. Jane is the artist/model featured in "Me and Matisse," now showing at the gallery.

I studied each of the pieces I did for the "Save the Granada" event and did some cleanup on edges and a bit of value adjustment. Bob cut mats and I framed the work. (You see reflections in the glazing from being photographed outside.) We delivered the work to the person coordinating the event. The sepia painting got great reviews from the receptionist. She said one of the managers said he wished someone would do one with an old car. We stopped at the restaurant and bought tickets for the paella dinner. Rosy, the owner, told us the man who ran the theater for 30 years stopped in the day before to buy tickets. I look forward to mingling with people who can recall many good times at the theater.


hwfarber said...

The paintings look great; I don't know which I like best. Good job on the quick sketches.

jyothisethu said...

beautiful paintings...
liked the watercolor techniques and color combination...

Mary Paquet said...

Jyothisethu, thanks -- I checked out Appu's latest work and he is a real budding artist.