Sunday, March 7, 2010

SCVWS "Fresh Start" Reception

"Alt House"
Bacharach, Germany
Rhine River

Such a busy week and I have done some art, but nothing that is finished enough to display here. Our drawing class did plein air and I have a half done pastel of a palm tree. I am also working a half sheet watercolor of a young dancer at Hoover Theater. So I dug into the archives for this piece where I used a mother color -- magenta - as described by Stephen Quiller. Every single color is mixed with some magenta, so I am guaranteed a harmonious effect. This is the old restaurant where we dined one night while staying at a sweet little B&B on the Rhine River. Very nice dinner and Bob, a worthy photographer, took a night photo with an interesting perspective. I painted this piece after returning home.

Last night we attended a very lovely SCVWS reception for the "Fresh Start" show. I had a wonderful turnout of friends from my work years, my art group, my neighborhood, our family, and my bike club. I couldn't have been more pleased. The place was packed with people in all three galleries. I reconnected with an artist I met at the Asilomar Paintout in October. She was showing a great triptych -- three paintings of the very same tree and landscape at Point Lobos showing three different times of day. I was so busy hosting my guests I did not get to add my brush strokes to the progressive painting being raffled to benefit Haitian relief.

I was also asked if I wanted to do a joint show in Santa Cruz by a fellow artist. My only challenge is timing with some major travel and the Open Studios on the horizon. I need to give this some thought as I feel the exposure and honor would be well worth time spent on the show.


Charlene Brown said...

How exciting for you to be asked to participate in another show! I can't imagine how you will find the time, but I sure hope you do.

I love following your art adventures -- you do so much wonderful work and seem to be growing creatively and learning all the time -- and, best of all, sharing it with us in such an entertaining style.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations on that well-attended show reception...and offer for another show. I am always so amazed by how busy you are doing such interesting things.
Thank you for sharing this painting. I like it.

Mary Paquet said...

Charlene, thanks for checking in. I love to share my experiences. You are such the world traveler. I want to be like you!

Christiane, the show was a lot of fun. I'm really liking your Venice series -- just lovely.

Megha Chhatbar said...

You are doing so good Mary! Keep it up...Wonderful subject to paint and you did very well..

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary,
I like this painting, it definitely feels like the Rhine region of Germany; most harmonious!

It sounds like a fun and festive opening. Wonderful to have such hard choices about shows! Congrats.

Mary Paquet said...

Megha, thanks for your nice comment.

Peggy, the Rhine region is so special. Nice to know you agree that this piece feels right.