Monday, March 15, 2010

Save the Granada

"Our Past -- Our Future"
11" x 14"

You can tell it's been a busy time for me with little time to visit my blogger friends. One of the events I chose to do was plein air with the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society last Thursday morning. The old Granada Theater in Morgan Hill is slated to be demolished. A group of citizens are dedicated to saving the landmark building and invited painters to memorialize the building. There will be a sale of artwork at a big event at Rosy's at the Beach, a terrific restaurant in downtown Morgan Hill.

The theater was built in 1951 to replace one that burned down across the street from the present location. The style is Art Moderne, not to be confused with Art Deco. Quoting the website: "The sleek, rounded Art Moderne style originated in the Bauhaus movement, which began in Germany. Bauhaus architects wanted to use the principles of classical architecture in their purest form, designing simple, useful structures without ornamentation or excess. Building shapes were based on curves, triangles, and cones. Bauhaus ideas spread worldwide and led to the Moderne or International Style in the United States."

We had access only to the outside of the building, so we set ourselves up in front of the quilt shop diagonally across the street. We had a beautiful, sunny day with the blue sky that you get only in California. I did a cropped painting of the theater, which I redid after getting home as I wasn't happy with my first results. Fellow painters included a broader expanse of street and we always marvel how a bunch of us can do the same subject and each is unique. I have more paintings in my head, if I have time -- I would like to do the street view and include a 1951 car, perhaps a monochromatic piece in either sepia or shades of grey. Another would be done on a collaged piece with old movie playbills. I have a second painting in progress in acrylic showing the orange red marquee against a vivid sunset. If that one turns out the way I envision, I will post it here.

If you live in the area, consider supporting the effort to save the Granada by enjoying the paella dinner at Rosy's on March 22 and viewing the art. The art will be for sale with 15% of the proceeds going to the fund. On a side note, we had a nice chat with Rosy and her husband at a St. Patrick Day's party given by a former co-worker on Saturday evening in Willow Glen. Many of his friends are from Morgan Hill. In case you are wondering how a landlocked town has a beach restaurant, the name refers to Rosy's preference for being at the beach. She is a former professional volleyball player turned very successful restauranteer.


hwfarber said...

Hi Mary. I like this painting a lot; it's very "anchored" to the ground. (Maybe the Granada is claiming its spot and will escape the demolition crew.)

I look forward to the other paintings.

PAMO said...

I love the color, perspective and shadow! I get a sense of the charm here. A worthy cause for sure.
There is an artist here in Knoxville, TN whose work consists mostly of buildings around Knoxville. He plays with color and perspective. Here is a link to his blog:
Another great post Mary!!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary,
Cool that it's a Bauhaus building! Such an interesting, historic building. I like your painting too; most festive!

Sheila said...

What a great cause. I love old theaters. I love paella so I might see if I can mosey on down to Morgan Hill on the 22nd. (depends on if the kids are with me) Love your rendition of the Granada. You gave it a look of dignity and class with its sign upright against the blue sky.