Monday, July 13, 2009

Morning Light Figurative Painting

"Morning Light"
20 x 30

I decided to enter the "Anything Goes" exhibit by the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society at the Norton Gallery in Palo Alto in August. The publicity photo was due the end of June. Using one of my sketches from the Don Andrews workshop, I developed the figure and added an ethereal background. This painting is an interpretation of the figure rather than a realistic rendering of the model, Christina.

Tomorrow I will leave for Vermont and Maine. A dear friend and I will be painting in Maine for a week and then I will return to the Paquet Family Farm for the Centennial celebration. Bob will not be going with me this time. This trip will give me some additional time with family, grandchildren, and friends. I will likely not be posting until I return.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, I hope you have a good trip. When I looked at this painting, I immediately thought of Gaugin....and I do like the painting!

Claire M said...

CONGRATULATIONS - I posted a blog award for you on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

hi Mary,
I like what you do with your art now, it is very distinctive and you definitely has a style of your own.
thanks for visiting my blog, I am still painting but I haven't posted anything since Christmas, I just feel I am too busy and the blog is too stressful for me, it needs up keep all the time, so for now I am having a break from the blog, but never a break from art :)

Mary Paquet said...

Abeer, thanks for checking in. I am so happy to know that all is well and you are doing art. I love your work. Stay in touch.

Mary Paquet said...

Hi, Peggy and Claire. Sorry for the delay in responding because of vacation. Claire, thanks for the award!

Crazy busy on my firt day of returning home, getting ready for the art show and catching up on workshop duties.