Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finished "Melissa in the Morning"

"Melissa in the Morning"
22" x 30"

On Thursday evening's Southside Art Club session, I worked some more on this painting from the final day of the Don Andrew's Figurative workshop. This morning I added a few finishing touches. You can see my earlier post here. You will notice that I darkened the area next to the light on the face and shoulders. I added the suggestion of Melissa's hair piled on top of her head, and some red hues in the background on the left. My goal was to make this painting a suggestion of Melissa's beauty rather than total realism. I particularly used the design elements of shape, value, and color, along with edge treatments to achieve my goal.

I found working from life challenging and rewarding. Melissa is an excellent model and I have drawn her before at the Los Gatos Art Museum's Tuesday life drawing sessions arranged by Nancy. Nancy also took Don Andrew's class and we spent a few lunch hours together in wonderful conversation. A new friend, Patty, joined the fun. I love the connections I make among the local artists when I do art related activities. Truly our area is blessed with some very fine artists.


Sheila said...

So soft, this model almost looks mystical or magical!

I love that landscape you posted also Mary. The depth and colors you used were awesome.

Mary Paquet said...

Sheila, thanks for all the encouragement! You are such a good blog friend.

Charlene Brown said...

Your blog is well named -- you are much more adventurous than many of us. And your dedication to developing your painting technique is really paying off! Melissa in the morning is beautifully done.

Barbara Sailor said...

This is such a lovely painting. Your brushwork is so interesting - I love the vertical direction of the composition. Very nice work amd as Sheila is almost mystical in nature.

Mary Paquet said...

Charlene thanks so much for checking in. I appreciate your encouragment.

Barbara, I like that you feel the painting is mystical in nature. I loved the way Melissa emerged from the background as I worked wet in wet.