Friday, July 3, 2009

Art Exchange

"A Little Piece of Florida"
(c) Nancy Eaton
Rancho San Antonio Park, CA

Nancy Eaton in Florida, sponsored an art exchange among bloggers. I received this very lovely small painting that depicts the Florida dunes. In turn, I will send a small painting to another artist here in California.

I selected a plein air piece that I did while on a sketch and hike in a nearby park with the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. You can tell from the perspective that I was on the top of the mountain overlooking the monestary, a landmark visible not only from the park, but also from Interstate 280 as you travel north to San Francisco. I had a lovely time that day doing a very quick watercolor sketch.

Nancy hopes to organize another art exchange later in the year. I will post the call for artists to participate on my blog. We hope more artists will join in the fun. Paintings are 8" x 10" or less. I plan to start a nice display in my studio where I can enjoy them as I work.


Sheila said...

What a great idea! Love the plow in the previous post and my goodness your drawing skills are really developing well Mary!

Mary Paquet said...

Sheila, you are such a good blog friend and so encouraging. I love the art exchange idea. Hope you join in next time.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the plug, Mary! Love your Monestery painting! Look forward to doing another swap!

Claire M said...

I love your painting Mary!!

Mary Paquet said...

Nancy, thanks for organizing the exchange.

Claire, thanks for encouraging me!