Friday, June 26, 2009

Final Day of Don Andrews Workshop

"Melissa in the morning"

Don's afternoon demo

Don continued his discussion of color and value, noting that all colors have a place on the value scale. Color reads best in the middle value ranges. So we use lots of middle values, and some of light and dark values if we want a colorful painting. I painted Melissa in the morning wearing a lovely scarf and drape. This painting is just partially finished. I have yet one more, but I want to do a bit more work, as it's almost complete, and then I will post it.

In the afternoon, Don did a final demo on color values. You can see that he also sketched Melissa in the morning from a different position. Don probably painted this in less than 20 minutes so it's not one of his finished pieces, but impressive just the same.

I had another lovely lunch hour chatting with two fellow artists and Christina, one of our models. We sat under the tree at the Rosicrucian Museum. I will be keeping in touch with both Pat and Nancy. Nancy and I figured out our connection; she arranges the life drawing at the Los Gatos Art Museum that I attended on Tuesday afternoons in the fall. I hope to get back to doing that.


Sheila said...

You are so lucky to be going to workshops Mary! I love these. Do you feel your figural painting has grown with this workshop?

Dave King said...

The colour is definitely what counts in these two! Well conceived.

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, Sheila and Dave. I do feel that my figural painting has grown with this workshop. I was happy I have the drawing class experience so I can draw from a live model, but I've never had any instruction on painting figures. Don is wonderful and the wet in wet approach is so lovely.