Sunday, June 21, 2009

Can't resist the Don Andrews Workshop

Start of the demo painting by Don Andrews

I attended the free demo by Don Andrews, compliments of the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. Anyone can attend the demos, including non-members. The workshop has been booked for months, but several people have dropped out at the last minute. I did not plan to attend as I have been so busy with travel and cycling education. However, I couldn't resist this opportunity, so I decided tonight to attend the workshop..

Don is charming and humorous, and I love his work. Like other amazing artists, he just dives in with lots of water and color. I was fascinated by his development process. You can check out his work here:
I'm sure I will learn a lot from the master.


Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Your art community down there sounds great; have fun with the workshop!

Nancy said...

Lucky you! I've watched his videos, and absolutely love his work! Have fun!

Megha Chhatbar said...

Wonderful. I can feel your happiness..:) Enjoy! :)

Christine's Arts said...

Wow, I enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you have a full life. I found you through Barbra Joan's blog. I am in the Silicon Valley area also in an art group called East Valley Artists. Mind if I follow?

Mary Paquet said...

Christine, thanks for following. I will be checking out your blog in a few minutes. I love the community we can create through the art world.

Peggy, we have a great watercolor society with so many terrific artists offering workshops. I have also made lots of friends through the society.

Nancy, thanks for checking in. As Don lives in Alabama and reasonably close to Florida, you might be able to catch him at a workshop sometime.

Megha, thanks for staying in touch. ou are right -- I'm happy!