Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3 of Don Andrews Workshop


Don started off the day having us do backgrounds and discussing color. We did 4 5-minute poses on scrap paper making a quick figure drawing with the brush and trying different backgrounds. After a quick demo, we did a quick painting. In the afternoon Don talked about skin colors and backgrounds, and how we must subordinate the backgrounds to show off the focal point on the figure. When I paint in a workshop, I always seem to be one lesson behind. "Christinaa" is my afternoon piece. I love to fill the page with the figure, thinking I could put some shapes in the background, but Don told me that the figure would need to be smaller to do that, so I should leave the background as is. Somehow I missed the size element in the demo. No doubt tomorrow Don will be discussing something more, and I will finally begin to get how to do shapes in the background. Meanwhile, I followed Don's advice to deepen the throw fabric and lose some edges there so the cloth does not compete with the face and top of the figure. On the next painting, I want to think about losing more edges on the figure on the shadow side. I do like how the hair drifts off into green. Don is an amazing instructor.

I had a great time and have made a new friend, Pat. We had our bag lunch in the gardens of the amazing Rosicrucian Museum and then walked in the neighborhoods during our hour-long lunch break. Turns out she has similar interests in the dancing and is taking Argentine Tango and Salsa dance lessons.


Mike said...

Mary . . .this guy is a 'sleeper.' That is to say he is soooo southern that he couches his words in such a nice way . . .pay close attention!! He is the MAN! He really understands design, and is trying hard to bring it to you guys in a way that is easy to assimilate. Write down his words!!! They'll mean a ton to you later. Really!

Mary Paquet said...

Mike, thanks for checking in and giving me good advice. I understand you -- Don is wonderful and I love his designs. I like his approach to teaching as well. He is so kind and soft-spoken. "Sleeper" is a good term. I feel really lucky to get into the workshop at the last minute due to a cancellation.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Hey Mary! Your work is having improvement...I like this painting..:)

Mike said...

Hi again, Mary . . .I hope you didn't misinterpret me. I was just edifying Don and his knowlege. It took me years to realize what he was saying. He has profound stuff, but I was too much of a literal brain to truly hear it. I know you are having fun in his class. How could you not?!

Mary Paquet said...

Megha, thanks for the encouragement.

Mike, Don is super and I am having so much fun!