Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The second collage painting -- a still life in Derek Gores Workshop

"Edgy Wine"
18" x 18"
Collage on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
Derek Gores demos his approach to painting shoes.
Today many people continued to work on their portraits. I had chosen to do mine in black, grey, and white, an easier task than using color. Those of us who had finished got to start our still life. I selected a wine bottle and glass and a color palette that (hopefully) will look good with my new color scheme, earth tones and greyed aqua (looks like sage to me). I have a spot that I would like to hang it in the new kitchen.
Adding color to the mix always adds a bit of challenge, especially when I was attempting to find edges within the magazine pages. Finding an edge with two correct colors and values is not easy. I scoured my fashion magazines and Sunset magazine. I now have two questions: Am I done (should I add shadows of the bottle and glass)? and will the blues and greens I chose match my decor. Of course, all artists shun people who buy art based on color palette, but it does matter to me.
What a ride -- I will never look at a magazine the same way again. One more day of workshop to go. We are in the groove. Come in, organize our palette of papers and dive in. Derek goes around and helps us along. His goal is that we all succeed. On this one, Derek made some suggestions about variation (use different textures, colors and  for the highlights and edges on the bottle and wine glass). About 12 to 12:30 we take a lunch break. I always go to the gardens of the Rosicrucian Museum. I invite people to join me. Often the instructor will come with us and we have a nice casual lunch together. An hour later we are back at it at until 4.
Today Derek took some time to demo his favorite still life, a woman's high heel shoe, and how to draw and apply collage to an eye, a very complex structure. Tomorrow will be a bit shorter day as our take down crew arrives early. Four people will not be with us due to prior commitments, The Georgia artists are headed home tomorrow. Those of us who remain will have critique before we leave. We have had some interim critiques, and this is the grand finale.


Aiesha said...

Aall is can say is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Your painting inspire me to try one.

Hawaii Art

CrimsonLeaves said...

Everything you've done is just beautiful, Mary. I also saw Myrna's piece and it too is fabulous. I love what you've done with the still life as well. Perfection!

Mary Paquet said...

Aiesha, I would love to see your work. Do youhave a blog?

Sherry, Myrna's piece is wonderful. A member walked in to get a print from Derek and have him sign it. She saw all the work and was blown away. She wished she had taken the workshop.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Mary this is wonderful and the process seems to be so much fun!