Monday, August 20, 2012

Attending workshops

Mike Bailey talks with one of the workshop attendees

I recently attended a three-day color workshop by Mike Bailey. If my art room was not all packed up for work on the upstairs remodel, I would show you one of the color exercises we did. The workshop was jam-packed with information and we worked really hard. I learned a lot and look forward to trying some new color approaches. I am also looking forward to the Derek Gores workshop next week -- all collage, no painting.

I delivered the commissioned painting I described here.  

"Hello, Goodby"
15" x 15" Watercolor

The  buyer asked that I mat and frame it, so I used and the results were very nice. When Nancy came to pick up the piece, she was delighted and had Bob take a couple pictures of us with the painting. I hope to have her send me the files.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh so lovely, Mary. I can see why your client was thrilled with this piece. I really wish I could do some workshops myself. Maybe one of these days.

Karen said...

Wonderfully done Mary!

hmuxo said...

I knew your client would love this full of emotion! Excellent piece!!