Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another show complete -- On to the next

Pickup day at the gallery

Our Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society exhibit, "Think Large -- Paint Small," with pieces no larger than 14 inches on any one side, ended July 30. Bob and I picked up my painting. Though mine did not sell, 9 of the 40 pieces did, a real success. I felt honored to have my painting in the show. There were over 100 entries. Charlotte Huntley, the juror, is a wonderful artist and author. At the reception, Charlotte told me she was so impressed with the quality of the entries. The show was as good as any national show she's seen. She even bought one piece that she did not give an award, but had great personal appeal for her. I found that very interesting and realized I have no idea how judges decide on entries and awards!

Our next show has many cash and product awards and is really worth entering. If you are not a member of SCVWS, go here and join for a mere $30. You can then enter a piece in the show (for an additional fee).

With an extensive remodel underway, I am lucky to find a few brushes and paints. I am taking two great workshops in August, so painting is on my agenda. Check out the Derek Gores workshop on the SCVWS website. All collage, no painting, and I think this will be exciting. We have some terrific artists signed up for it. We still have some slots left if you want to attend.


PAMO ART said...

Wow Mary! How do you do it all?! You look great in the photo- life agrees with you.
Your poppy painting is glorious and I'm sure looked beautiful in the show.
Glad the remodel is going well.

Barbra Joan said...

Oh, don't I wish I could attend.
You look great Mary, and standing in front of that beautiful poppy painting. My favorite subject from my favorite place. Have a great weekend.. hugs, Barbra joan

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations on having such a great painting accepted in that show, Mary.
The upcoming collage workshop seems wonderful - I hope you will take lots of pictures:-)
You are a super busy lady! That will keep you young for ever!

CrimsonLeaves said...

What an interesting post, Mary. I too am pondering how the judges think after your words. Not that I've ever entered any show, but still...

Hope the remodel is going well and envy you your upcoming workshop.