Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adventures in 2011

"The Landscape of Georgia O'Keefe"
9" x 12" Oil

A friend has invited me to go with her to a Maggie Siner workshop in Provence in July. I was hesitant for several reasons -- Maggie is an oil painter as is my friend. Also, Bob and I will be riding our tandem bicycle from Florida to Maine to Vermont from April through June. I won't bore you with all the complications this presents. I was assured that Maggie's instruction is appropriate for any medium, so as my friend was heading off to New Zealand for three weeks, I said yes.

I found that I get allergic reactions when I am in close contact with someone painting in oils. I believe it is the Turpenoid that bothers me. Recently another friend offered me her water miscible oils so I could give them a try. Of course, I don't know how to paint in oils, but what the heck. I took a small canvas panel that had the beginning of an acrylic painting on it. I simply went over it with the oil paints, creating the shapes as I painted rather than drawing them onto the canvas. The shapes come from several snapshots I took while in New Mexico in October. This piece was certainly a challenge, but a pleasurable experience none-the-less. I seemed not to have any unpleasant health side effects. I'm hoping that I will fare okay in France as we will be painting plein air. I don't know if I will paint in these oils, acrylics, or my watercolors.

As far as this painting goes, I like the variety in the foreground, and would prefer more variation in the mountain. Being oils, I can easily make changes to my experimental piece.


hwfarber said...

Hi Mary. Love the painting. I smiled as I read because I recently bought some water soluble oils, and Sean Dye's book arrived in the mail yesterday. I looked at it but I might go your "what the heck" way and just jump in--paint; then read. (Or I could wait until you take a class.) For several days I have been cleaning out my workshop; boy, do I have a lot of supplies--I actually made a list.

A bike ride from Florida to Maine & Vermont? I won't be trying that!

Anonymous said...

Mary- your painting is gorgeous! I too have water soluble oils and have only used them once. I didn't like how long it took for the canvas to dry but the colors are awesome.
I can't wait to hear more about your upcoming trip! I wouldn't make it 10 miles.

Mary Paquet said...

Hallie, I am sure you will be far more successful than I with "what the heck." Try and tell me how you did it!

Pam, I would love to see what you do with the oils. The colors are vibrant. I must admit I am totally confused as to what medium I want to paint in. I love watercolors. I have a hard time with acrylics and oils as I am a newby. I like pastels but I've never finished a iece using them.

Tim Robinson said...

These are gorgeous!

Alina Chau said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, I like the rich color you achieved. I rather like the mountain. In any case, it has a stark, Southwestern feel. Someone else was telling me about water miscible oils. I applaud your courage! And, wow! What a bicycle ride. Oh, read a book or two on Cezanne, or Palette magazine's article on Cezanne, before going to Provence...if you like!

Anonymous said...

This piece is beautiful. I love the colors and your simplifying of the subject. You certainly captured the landscape of Georgia O'Keefe. Happy New Year!

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks to Timothy and Alina, first time visitors!

Peggy, I do like the stark mood in this landscape. It fits the area.

Jean, you are the master of simplicity, which is what I admire about your paintings. Thanks for commenting.