Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retreating to the familiar

"Jamie in Sunshine"
14" x 12"

After a few paintings done with unfamiliar mediums, I retreated to watercolor. This is my granddaughter Jamie, 16, as she sat on the edge of the water at Capitola. I did an earlier version in acrylic. I find it much easier to mingle colors with watercolor and to obtain soft edges where I want them. I felt like I needed to do a watercolor to make sure I hadn't forgotten how! I will continue to work with both acrylic and the water miscible oils, though.


Sheila said...

Your watercolor version seems to give her a slight more indication of Jamie's sweet and softer side. In both paintings I can definitely see that she gets her beauty from her grandmother.

Charlene Brown said...

This watercolour is lovely, revealing your granddaughter's gentle beauty. But I did like the bolder presentation of the acrylic -- the background reflection on the water made an especially striking composition.

Tim Robinson said...

I love softness look you were able to achieve in this piece!

Margaret said...

I like this composition. So very sweet.