Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010

"Delft Bowl and Fruit"
12" x 16"

"A Light Repast"
12 x 16

Always the pastels are not quite done. We draw from life and the setup is available for just 3 hours, which includes any instruction Bob gives us. I've done the delft bowl before. Both times I've found it a challenge to draw -- getting the ellipse and the depth of the bowl is a challenge. I use the dowel stick method of measurement to help me get proportions correct. Drawing a center line across the ellipse and vertically on the pitcher helps, too. I like the way I did the grapes. I don't have a pastel dark enough for the grapes, so I first used charcoal pencil and then came in with a red-purple and the cream highlights.

I did the second piece a couple weeks ago and had no way to bring it home on my bicycle and light rail. I usually take a large drawing pad and carry the art inside it, but I had a smaller pad that week. Bob took it home for me and returned it on Monday. The ceramic pitcher was turned so that I could not see the spout. It's a challenge to get the white in light and shadow to read correctly.

Good news for those of you who live in the valley -- I've signed a contract with Robert Semans for a three-day drawing workshop in August of 2011 for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society . He's such a marvelous artist and a very good instructor.

Wishing all of you a Happy Holiday and I look forward to seeing some wonderful art in 2011.


PAMO said...

Mary- You do such a fabulous job with pastels! I love both of these. Your work with ellipses is very well done. I struggle, struggle, struggle with them.
The photo of you in your previous post-- you are lovely!
Happy Holidays to you too. I look forward to another year of art.

Mary Paquet said...

Pam, you are such a kind friend. I'm so happy you checked in during your holiday break. Hope you are having a wonderful family time.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary, I thoroughly enjoyed studying your two pastel pieces. They are very nicely drawn. Every time I see your pastel work I wonder if I shouldn't do some. I struggle with the ellipses too; measuring helps doesn't it!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday Mary. You're a wonderful friend and I look forward to seeing what you're up to in 2011!

Mary Paquet said...

Peggy, I keep wondering if I should focus more on pastels, because I think I could become better at them. They are very interesting. But I love to put paint to support, and I have limited time these days for my art.

I read of a very interesting way to do underpaintings for pastels in Artist Magazine. Terry Ford is local here and she was featured. She puts down basic shapes in pastel and goes over it with denatured alcohol which causes beautiful brightly colored coverage. Then she proceeds on with the pastels. I must try her process.

You also are such a dear friend and I anticipate seeing your many lovely drawings and paintings in the new year.

hwfarber said...

Hi Mary. Somehow I missed this post. I like both pastels, and the the turned-away pitcher is interesting. I trust that we will learn along with you during 2011. Keep taking those classes.

Mary Paquet said...

Hi, Hallie, I will continue with the drawing class and I will also be leading a few workshops. Happy Holidays!

Dean H. said...

Beautifully done pastels, Mary! Those vases are right on!

Here's hoping you had a glorious Christmas.

hmuxo said...

I love both of these pastel paintings Mary. The fruit looks wonderful with the different colors..the vase looks perfect..very realistic.

Mindful Drawing said...

Lovely pastel works.
You bravely didn't choose the easiest objects.
Well done!

Mary Paquet said...

Dean, thank you so much for taking the time to visit and encourage me with pastels.

Hilda, that's a nice compliment coming from an accomplished pastelist.

Paula, thank you for stopping by. I enjoy seeing your work with colored pencils.