Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Young woman in France

Monpazier, France
Elegant Writer Pen and brush loaded with water
10 minutes

Friday I both coordinate and take Myrna Wacknov's portrait class hosted by the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. We are instructed to bring digital photos of an elderly person, a young adult, and a child with specific orientations. So I've been searching through photos for some candid shots, and having quite a time finding any. I found this young woman in a photo I took in a town square in Montpazier, France, when I was there with Mike Bailey's group. Myrna was also there. A contingent of horse people walked their steeds into the square and tied their horses, so I snapped a couple photos. This one is a profile with a smooth face, so I might well be able to work with the image.

I've been under the weather and trying to get healthy for the class on Friday. No sketching yesterday, but I did this one this morning.


Sheila said...

I am feeling the effects of a nasty head cold too. You did great with this quick sketch under the circumstances. I chuckled with I saw your sketches on the program. I used to do that and I still do occasional when someone is speaking.
Get well soon!

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, Sheila. I seem to get one head cold a year and it's always about this time. Yeah, the church bulletin has more than one use.

Nancy said...

I love this sketch, Mary! I can really get the "feel" of this woman. Great job!

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, Nancy. I appreciate your checking in.