Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heavenly Sketches and a Dynamic Demo

Substitute Pastor Lee Tyler
Ballpoint pen on church bulletin

Choir member
Pastor Warner
Ballpoint pen on church bulletin

Don't tell on me. I managed to get my sketching done while listening to the sermon at Advent Lutheran Church for the past two Sundays. I used to pride myself on being great at multiplexing until I read the studies that says multiplexers do a poorer job of the tasks than those who are single-focused. They're right, of course, because I can't repeat the sermon to you. Plus, I didn't do a great job on any of these while trying to be discrete and go unnoticed. Bob plays with the Gather Musicians and sits to the side. He caught me in the act! He's a big fan of my art, though, so he was pleased.

This Sunday was a delightful demo day for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. I am the coordinator for Myrna Wacknov's workshop that begins Friday, so she gave her demo today. We don't charge for this service, though of course we pay the artist. Many people attended and were spellbound by Myrna's portrait process on Tyvek. Myrna has posted the demo piece on her blog. Unfortunately, with all the things I had to think about for the demo today, I forgot my camera. Many folks were taking pictures, though, and Myrna has asked for some to make a slideshow of the demo. A bonus for all of us is having such a well-known artist as a member of our society, and she had fun doing a demo among many friends.

I leave you with a promise that one of these days you will see a finished painting, because one of my goals is to do at least two every month.


PAMO said...

You make such great posts Mary! Made me smile to think of you in church sketching- I got a sense of peace looking at them. I'm sure God was smiling down at you as well- you were finding joy in your fellow parishioners. The demo sounds awesome!

Mary Paquet said...

Pam, you are just so supportive. I must say I really enjoy your art and your comments on Kathy Cartwrights site are very interesting and thoughtful.

The demo was awesom.