Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend travel and sketch

Paso Robles, CA

"12th Street Landmark"
Paso Robles, CA

Bob and I went via our folding Bike Fridays and Amtrak Coast Starlight to Paso Robles for the Great Western Bike Rally. Bob is on the board of the California Association of Bicycling Organizations (CABO) and they met mid-day on Saturday. I got on my little Friday and headed out from the fairgrounds, where our bicycle club was camping, to the central park. Paso Robles is a nice town with lots of wineries and it's in beautiful hill country against the Santa Lucia Mountains just inland from Cambria on the Coast. I took my sketch book, micron pen, and tiny pan paint set. The town was hosting an art in the park and were auctioning pieces from a "plein air" session. I missed most of that and wish I could have seen the artists at work. Sounds like a great way to generate some enthusiasm for art. I sat in the park and sketched, then dropped in a bit of watercolor.

An old man was sitting smoking his pipe, dressed in his everyday cowboy garb, a common dress in an area of ranches and vineyards. He was sitting among the flowers watching the activities around him. At one point I looked up from my sketch and he had moved on, but I was able to complete the sketch and watercolor from memory. The building is a replacement for a landmark building that crumbled in a pretty severe earthquake a few years ago. They reproduced the tower quite nicely, though the remainder of the building is obviously modern. One family came by and admired my sketch of the building and the father pointed out to his little son the building that I was capturing. I really enjoyed my little sketch adventure and peaceful moments on a weekend filled with socializing.


Barbra joan said...

not sure if you'll get this, but thanks so much for visiting my blog, In checking back on yours and enjoying your little sketches and adventures. I used to live in Fremont '87-'89. beautiful country in Northern Ca.

Mary Paquet said...

Barbra, thanks for checking back. I have been in this area since 1976, so we would have been a mere 25 miles apart in those years. I love Northern California.