Sunday, May 3, 2009

More pictures from Open Studios

"Dordogne Sunflower"

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In the summer of 2007, I went to the Dordogne region of France with Mike Bailey and a small group of artists. One day, surrounded by greenery, we were challenged to paint all day without using green. Certainly I enjoyed the test of my imagination when I painted a sunflower in the field behind Pettit Rousset. This matted piece will be available at my Open Studios on May 9 and 10. The piece is more lively. I can't seem to adjust the hue and saturation correctly.

Today my artist friend Alison and I went to three Open Studios in Los Altos. We had a nice time seeing the latest art at the Nancie Crowley and Karen Druker sites. I've followed Nancie's art for about 15 years and I know Karen personally from the France workshop with Mike. Seeing how other artists set up their Open Studio is helpful. The third place is a gallery, and frankly, I thought visiting the homes and/or studio space of the artists much more satisfying. We saw lots of excellent art, and I came home with some very nice greeting cards.


Nancy said...

I wish you good luck with your open studio! I remember reading Mike Bailey's site when he had his open studio, and I was just floored! Sometimes I wish I was in a better location - for my art's sake - but I do love it here!

Mary Paquet said...

Nancy, thanks. Sounds like you are doing well with your art, even getting into a gallery!

Anonymous said...

A lovely and unique piece. Only Kermit would be unhappy about no green. I like the colors. They compliment each other nicely.

Mary Paquet said...

Jean, thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Yes, it was not easy without green -- whoops, that is not quite what Kermit would say.